Jim Iyoob is Chief Customer Officer for Etech Global Services. Jim has 20+ years of contact center outsourcing experience in inbound, outbound, chat and social media operations, and is a respected speaker, author and subject-matter expert for call center solutions.

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Social Media in 2014: Changing Customer Care and Communication

Your company has a Facebook page, you’re “LinkedIn,” and you post semi-regularly on Twitter. You have your social media bases covered, right? According to industry experts, that’s not enough. In order to keep your company front-of-mind and top-of-heap, you need to think strategically about social media. Join us for our, . . . Read more

“Becoming a Social Business” Webinar #14PACE

At the 2014 PACE Convention & Expo, our very own Mike Lewis, Chairman and CEO, and Jim Iyoob, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development presented “Becoming a Social Business.” Social media for most businesses is just a function of the marketing department. But social media gives businesses the opportunity to . . . Read more