Jim Iyoob is Chief Customer Officer for Etech Global Services. Jim has 20+ years of contact center outsourcing experience in inbound, outbound, chat and social media operations, and is a respected speaker, author and subject-matter expert for call center solutions.

Archive for April 2016

Benefits of Social Selling and Live Chat

Placing live chat on your site is an excellent initial step toward enhancing your sales. However, it is the only step taken by e-commerce companies far too frequently. You cannot expect customers to make the first move. You need to identify potential buyers through social media integration and offer help . . . Read more

Live Chat for In-App Customer Support

The idea of in-app support is simple. Whenever customers have a question while using an application, they simply click a button to get instant help from a support agent regardless of whether they are a mobile or desktop user. This eliminates the need to search the web, browse support forums, . . . Read more

Top 4 Ways to Address Customer Pain Points Through Live Chat

Businesses need to develop trust and confidence before offering solutions to address and handle customer pain points efficiently online. The actual challenge of managing customer pain points is to convince the consumer that they are getting the best value and solution for their investment. Time is always of the essence; . . . Read more