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4 Tips for Integrating Live Chat with Email Marketing

Live-Chat-Email-MarketingThe up and down trends of email marketing over the years is currently at an all-time peak. Businesses want to produce leads and keep consumer interested, but too many companies get lost in growth and evolvement. They forget that for marketing to be effective leads need to be engaged; otherwise, they are wasting resources and energy.

The Advantages of Combining Smart Business Practices

You may be wondering how to develop a high-value email fulfillment tool. The main secret is email marketing and live chat integration. Understanding how live chat software can improve both the size and the quality of your email lists can save you time and make money in the long run. Here are the top four tips for integrating live chat with email marketing.

  • Self-Qualified Leads: Allowing web leads to qualify themselves might sound unrealistic and even foolish, but it is entirely believable with live chat software. It helps encourage communications between engaged visitors and support agents. Establishing proactive chat rules identifies high-value leads based on their browsing activity and interests. It then directs them into targeted email marketing campaigns after they express genuine enthusiasm by replying to your automated messaging.

  • Utilize Chat Surveys: The active use of short surveys is another email marketing growth tip. Just make sure the email field is required and make the effort always to follow up. You can display polls before or after chats and then evaluate the results. Your company will profit from essential data from web visitors by adding new email subscribers for your current mailing lists. If a lead is especially excited about a product feature, send a personalized email asking if they want to be the first to know about improvements to the product or feature. Add them to your email marketing list when they respond positively.

  • Double and Triple Landing Pages: When you add live chat to your website, you create a double landing page. You can still collect emails from interested web visitors even when you are offline. Some consumers prefer sending a message over providing their contact details in a newsletter signup form. You can also create a triple landing page after adding live chat by including a link to the ideal landing page for a particular lead during the chat that aligns with their goals and interests. Don’t forget to guide them through the email list signup process during the chat.

  • Email Marketing Automation: Marketing automation, which is finally accessible to small businesses, is more than just a trend. It is at the heart of thriving marketing automation campaigns. Integrating powerful email marketing platforms with live chat software facilitates managing email lists during chats. Chat shortcuts even allow care agents to subscribe a web visitor instantly to the ideal campaign at the perfect moment. The result is reaching new levels of success.

It’s worth exploring all of the supported integration’s when you are selecting an email marketing tool to ensure that you sync channels with apps and that the data you are collecting each day goes toward satisfying your customers and improving lead conversion.

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