Jim Iyoob is Chief Customer Officer for Etech Global Services. Jim has 20+ years of contact center outsourcing experience in inbound, outbound, chat and social media operations, and is a respected speaker, author and subject-matter expert for call center solutions.

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Increasing Conversion Rate Using Customer Engagement

Although e-commerce has revolutionized the way people shop, many successful online merchants continue to base their sales strategies on proven real-world techniques. Traditional brick-and-mortar tactics often translate well to the online retail market, which is one of the primary reasons that live chat software has become very commonplace. Just as . . . Read more

Live Chat: How Long Can You Keep Customers Waiting?

Online shoppers have proven time and again that they’re not the most patient group, and it’s tough to blame them. With so many alternatives just a click away, it’s crucial to ensure that your web site’s support tools are both accessible and responsive at all times. This ranges from e-mail . . . Read more

Benefits of Online Chat

As consumer preference for using online chat continues to grow, so, too, are the numbers of contact centers that are adding it to their channel mix. Industry research has predicted substantial growth in the number of contact centers adopting online chat over the next 12 to 24 months .And our . . . Read more

Online customer services – A great value to customers

You have to consider live chat services as it is efficient in improving your online customer service. ILD recognizes the significance of better online experience and we understand that companies that are active at offering great online customer experience can reap many benefits such as better brand experience, higher sales . . . Read more

Truths behind the Myths about Live Chat Support

Many companies are offering live chat support services as it is convenient, easy, and quick. Live chat support services are capable of expanding the customer base and create sales; therefore, incorporating these services will assist companies to provide excellent customer service throughout the world. But, there are many companies doubting . . . Read more

How Online Chat Sales Channels Benefit Businesses

Companies are growing immensely and providing many services online which changes online behavior of customers quickly. Forrester Research reveals that online retail sales in the US are going to hit $250 billion by 2014. Since customers are more interested and moved to online shopping and business transactions, it is necessary . . . Read more

Online Chat Helps in Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment

Today, business between companies and customers has been changed a lot with the arrival of the internet. Many corporate companies are offering their products and services online, which has increased the rate of shopping cart abandonment. And, this is the most important issue encountered by many companies that want to . . . Read more

Online Chat Helps in Generating Positive Customer Experiences

Today, many companies have moved to online to do business more effectively. This practice has increased the demand of online chat as a cost-effective, efficient and fast way to give the best chat customer service. Online chat offers many advantages such as higher CSAT, enhanced FCR, decreased cost-per-contact, and many . . . Read more