Jim Iyoob is Chief Customer Officer for Etech Global Services. Jim has 20+ years of contact center outsourcing experience in inbound, outbound, chat and social media operations, and is a respected speaker, author and subject-matter expert for call center solutions.

How Live Chat Support Can Transform Your Business

As the tide continues to shift toward e-commerce, more companies are looking for ways to replicate the types of services and customer benefits which exist naturally in brick-and-mortar stores. One of the greatest challenges remains the delivery of basic customer service itself, a cornerstone of any sales outlet. Email and . . . Read more

Top 5 Ways to Manage Online Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews and feedback strongly influence purchasing behavior. In fact, nearly half of consumers nationwide indicate that after reading a positive online review they are more likely to visit a business. That makes customer sites such as CitySearch, Google Places, and Yelp Internet repositories of user opinions on how . . . Read more

How Do You Select Your Social Agents?

Just like with everything else, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about choosing your social agent and your overall approach to social media. With so many businesses to compete with, a simple mistake or lack of information can cost you a customer for life, one who . . . Read more

Increasing Engagement on Social Media

Social media platforms offer the distinction that users can interact with content creators almost instantaneously. However, getting people to take advantage of the interactive potential of your social channel is one of the biggest challenges facing social media managers today. While there is no magic bullet that will bring excited . . . Read more