AI is there to Improve Contact Center Quality Monitoring, Not Just Automate It

With continuously evolving technology, contact centers are constantly optimizing the way various processes are happening. Quality Assurance is one main area which has undergone a major transformation with the increasing use of AI.

Before Artificial Intelligence started to take over Call Center Quality Monitoring it was nearly impossible for call centers to evaluate a good sample of customer interactions. Due to manual, people-driven processes, call center quality assurance is not only inefficient but also expensive. In a manual process, companies can’t even evaluate 1% of the total customer interactions, losing valuable information on competitor insights, customer sentiment and agent performance.

However, the role of Artificial Intelligence is not just to automate the quality assurance process, but it also comes with various other benefits for the call centers. Using AI, call centers can transform their quality process beyond checkboxes, improve agent productivity as well as enhance overall operational efficiency. Hence, automation of processes is only the first step for AI-Powered quality monitoring. Let’s take a look at how:

Artificial Intelligence – A Facilitator for Call Center Quality Assurance

Many contact centers have already started leveraging on artificial intelligence for monitoring customer interactions, identifying customer sentiment and analyzing customer effort. While Customer Experience is the next battleground for emerging as the best brand, it is extremely vital to analyze these parameters and deliver what your customers want.

When discussing the role of artificial intelligence in Call Center Industry, AI is just a facilitator, recommending measures for business process optimization, but it’s the human intelligence (HI) that makes strategic decisions. Here are the key elements of AI that improves the performance of your call center quality monitoring program.

Speech Analytics for getting insights in Customer behavior

With AI-Powered Speech Analytics, it is now possible to monitor all the recorded customer interactions. Besides that, integrating the ACD with speech analytics software can prevent the hassle of uploading and downloading the call recordings in quality monitoring software. With Speech Analytics, brands can listen to the voice of customers and gather business insights from customer interactions.

Before people started using Artificial Intelligence, organizations used to monitor agent performance on uneven parameters. For e.g., one client we were working with, evaluated agents on the number of times they speak a customer’s name in order to deliver a personalized customer experience. Later, it was found that listening to their names multiple times was actually annoying for many customers.

With speech analytics, organizations can get precise information on the parameters that are driving customer experience, CSAT as well as customer effort score. Utilizing this information, organizations can further form a suitable customer engagement strategy.

Actionable Insights for improving performance

Artificial Intelligence drives your organization through data-driven quality assurance. The data you get delivers actionable insights which organizations can further utilize to identify the biggest opportunities, most impactful significant drivers (both positive and negative) and similar parameters that might positively influence the customer experience.

It further helps in identifying the best sales methodologies to increase conversions, best practices to keep high customer satisfaction level and ensure that the performance of the customer service department always remains top-notch.

Identify Parameters for Agent Training

Call center agents are frontline team members that represent the organization in front of the customers. Therefore, training them and ensuring they deliver a consistent brand experience is a prerequisite. AI-Based Call Center Quality Monitoring software delivers detailed insights on agent performance, identifying their strengths and weaknesses.

Using these insights, organizations can identify the areas where their agents are facing challenges. They can then design tailor-made training and coaching programs to improve overall agent performance. What’s more, the quality monitoring software can further track and compare agent performance before and after the training.

Artificial Intelligence, when used in combination with Human Intelligence, delivers exceptional customer service experience and ensures that customers get proper attention, quick support and receive consistent brand experience.

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