How to Transform Your Contact Center Quality Scores for Better Customer Experience?


To build and maintain an optimal workplace, organizations should deliver top-notch customer service and optimize the quality process within. Customer preferences and behaviors are transforming rapidly. Hence, it is crucial to on customer needs and be able to deliver what they want and when they want it.

We’re are now in 2021. There is an ongoing competition between brands to exceed customer expectations and turn customers into brand advocates. Whether your organization is the best at ensuring customer satisfaction or is struggling to meet KPIs, continuously optimizing quality processes is extremely vital for business growth.

Here are 11 tips, to transform the contact center quality score for delivering the best customer experiences.

1. Motivate and engage your frontline team members

First and foremost, the most essential parameter for delivering the best customer experiences is a powerful team of frontline team members. They are the face of the company and should be well-equipped with the information, resources and tools needed, and should have a positive mindset when interacting with customers.

Team members who lack motivation will not be able to communicate effectively with customers, leading to reduced customer satisfaction. Therefore, motivating and engaging your team should be the highest priority for sustainable performance.

2. Monitor all interaction channels

With an evolving technology & communications landscape, there are various opportunities for different communication channels. Are you monitoring customer interactions on all channels?

To deliver a superior customer experience, organizations should monitor all channels, including Live Chat, Calls, Emails, Social Media etc. Furthermore, organizations should identify the preferred communication channels used by customers and strategically know how to use them.

3. Involve team members in quality evaluation

Many organizations are not involving their frontline team members in quality evaluations. These frontline members are unaware of the parameters on which their performances are measured. It is a good practice to involve team members in the quality evaluation process by explaining the importance of each key performance indicators (KPIs). Show them how these performance indicators impact the customer experience along with best practices to meet those KPIs. That’s how you build powerful teams.

4. Don’t just score, also provide feedback

Scorecards are a good way to determine and demonstrate agent performance. However, more is needed with the changing market dynamics. The scorecard shows where frontline workers are in existing performances, but doesn’t provide all of the information needed for them to grow in their role.

For this reason, every quality evaluation should be followed with feedback for improvement. With a direct feedback model, frontline employees can determine their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to continuously improve their performances.

5. Develop a custom agent-training program

Amidst ever-evolving parameters for measuring KPIs, organizations should emphasize specific training for frontline team members. Developing a custom training program can help them focus on key challenges they’re facing while handling their responsibilities.

Additionally, organizations can create custom, example-based learning programs in their Learning Management System (LMS), followed by a knowledge assessment quiz for overall agent performance management.

 Watch this: Improve Contact Center Agent Performance with Etech’s QEvalPro

6. Listen to the voice of customer

Listening and responding to voice of customer data is the best gift you can give to your customers. Your customers are speaking about your brand while on calls with your representatives, interacting on social media handles or other communication channels. Are you listening? How are you listening?

Traditional, quality assurance processes were not capable of listening to entire customer interactions. Now, with the assistance of AI-Based Speech analytics, organizations can easily listen to customer interactions and determine impactful insights, such as customer effort scores, customer sentiment analysis and what drives their CX.

7. Rewards & Recognition are a must

Working as a frontline team member can be difficult Due to long, continuous work hours dealing with sometimes frustrated customers while also simultaneously ensuring an inflow of revenue in the company. It’s is an extraordinary responsibility!

To encourage them, organizations should reward and recognize their top-performing team members. This will not only motivate high-performing employees but also inspire other team members to go beyond their limits in order to effectively serve customers.

8. Keep a track of coaching & measure effectiveness

Coaching is one of the most important parameters for improving the productivity of your contact center. But, what about after coaching? Did you check the impact of coaching? What is the change in the performance after coaching? Did you follow up with the respective team member after coaching? What was their feedback on coaching?

If many of these important questions are going unanswered, then this is the right time to invest in a quality monitoring software for call centers.

9. Have a library of ‘Good & Bad Calls’ for training

Sharing ‘Good’ calls where the frontline team members have demonstrated best practices is a good training resource. You can also share ‘Bad’ calls to demonstrate things to avoid while managing their job responsibilities. Having a centralized library of good & bad calls will make it easier when training the frontline.

10. Involve Third-Party for Quality Monitoring

When was the last time you fine-tuned your quality monitoring parameters? Are they effective with changing dynamics of business? This is where a third-party quality monitoring service provider can add value to your quality assurance process.

With the help of external partners, contact centers will be able to benchmark their performances. Apart from that, partners can further help to stay updated and upgraded with the latest innovations to scale the progress of their contact center.

11. Invest in Quality monitoring software for call centers

Investing in Quality monitoring software for call centers is more important now than ever. You can easily integrate Etech’s software with other applications and centrally monitor the performance of your centers and partners situated across the globe, using a single application.

Organizations should invest in quality monitoring software to map and drill-down performance levels, campaigns, call centers and teams, as well as individual levels and optimizing required processes. Knowing these things will enable you to identify, build, upscale, improve and reward successful, long-lasting teams.

For delivering a superior customer experience, it is essential to provide your teams with the best, quality assurance processes, technologies and tools available. Etech Global Services is a trusted partner for leading brands of the world, assisting them to deliver remarkable customer experiences.

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