Impact of COVID 19 – Organizations are Rethinking Solutions for Customer Engagement

The pandemic is disrupting the way different departments are functioning. Most of the workforce is working remotely, making it difficult for organizations to effectively manage their workers. For almost half of working professionals, this is the first time for them to work remotely.

Before the onset of COVID19, it was difficult to imagine shifting departments like Operations & Quality Monitoring to operate remotely. While these departments are working remotely, the future is still uncertain. However, one clear message during these unprecedented times is that the Future is Digital.

According to Lord Petyr Baelish,

“Chaos is not a pit, Chaos is a ladder.”

Hard times often come to us as a lesson to improve ourselves and the way we respond to those difficult times decides our future. While working remotely, organizations are looking to get answers for various questions:

What should be done to overcome the challenges? To discontinue the digital initiatives or to invest more in them for a better future? What is the proper approach for unforeseen events?

How to ensure business continuity and stabilize operations during COVID19?

In the era of Industry 4.0, organizations are looking forward to finding solutions that can resolve their current challenges. While people are cutting down their expenses, it is of utmost importance to keep customer satisfaction rates at a high level.

These Black Swan Events depict the significance of digital tools that provide insights on customer behavior and ways to enhance the customer experience. There are companies overhauling the current scenario and here is a step-by-step process on what they do:

1. Alignment with Business Goals

The approach for digitization shouldn’t be myopic or just getting past the existing crisis. What things are required to digitalize? Is it Operations? or Quality? or Sales? or Marketing? On the basis of requirements, you have to identify where digitization is most needed.

Next, align the digitization with your business goals. Chart out your existing and desirable processes with digital tools. Are there any gaps? If so, resolve them. Without aligning your As-Is and To-Be business processes, your digital transformation may fail!

2. Go Digital, Go On-Cloud

Leveraging digital tools is of prime importance. There are many on-cloud, customer engagement & quality monitoring solutions that can prevent disruption to your operations & quality assurance programs while working remotely.

The main issue with the On-Premise solution is the availability of data when working remotely. Having solutions while working On-Premise becomes a hurdle when allowing teams to work remotely. Cloud web applications provide quick and easy access to data from any location around the world.

3. Emphasize on Data Security

For organizations going digital, the main concern is data security. In this era, a data breach can have a huge impact on a company’s reputation, revenue, and customers. Organizations should choose wisely when selecting a solution provider that stores data on a secured cloud, making sure they provide excellent data security.

The solution providers must be Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and HIPAA Compliant. If they are in compliance with these standards, the possibilities of a data breach are less likely.

4. Transforming the initiatives into a Long-Term approach

While the course of this pandemic is still uncertain, your approach for digitization shouldn’t be just pre-emptive measures. Companies must have a long term approach for continuous optimization of the business processes.

A long-term approach will likely result in the automation of repetitive tasks, seamless connectivity and safeguarding critical data while working remotely. Technologies such as IoT, AI, ML, Big Data Analytics, etc. are continuously growing for fuelling these trends.

Organizations must effectively plan and prioritize their digital initiatives for business continuity. It will not only provide them substantial growth, but also a competitive edge over other brands.

Organizations planning to digitally transform their quality monitoring or customer experience processes can contact us.

Etech Global Services has over 20 years of experience in providing superior outsourcing solutions across a wide range of industries. We are a world-leader in helping companies develop a seamless and remarkable customer experience.

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