Why Social Media is your most powerful Customer Relationship Tool?

Technology has offered us many ways to gauge customer experience and adjust business practices in response, but not until social media have we had access to such unbiased, real-time consumer responses. Consumers can like us, rate us, and often make or break us based on their online assessments of our businesses.
Customer feedback on Social Media often comes in the form of a complaint. A complaint is an opportunity to showcase your company’s positive customer relationships. Complaints should be addressed in a timely manner by a team member with good knowledge of the area of complaint. The complaint should be followed by both a basic public message of response – this is very important as it helps other users see that you are engaged and receptive to feedback- and a private message attempting to solve the issue.
Creating a separate, private dialogue helps the customer feel valued, and is an important step that often encourages them to return as a customer in the future, despite the current conflict. The conflict should be resolved if possible, and the complaint should be reviewed to see if any business practices need to be adjusted.
Social interaction with customers doesn’t have to focus on complaints, it can also be a place to share positive reviews and testimonials, putting them in front of a larger audience. Positive reviews from real customers are powerful tools for gaining new business. Potential clients value the testimony of past customers and their reviews can often be the push needed to commit to your service or product.
Your company’s image doesn’t have to be driven solely by the voice of the consumer. Social Media is an easy and effective way to talk about the things you’re doing that will draw your customers in. Highlight the ways you’re giving back, or serving your community, and tell them how they as a customer can get involved. Thank your customers for helping you reach goals or milestones, and tell them about exciting new things you have coming up.
Social Media has shifted from a helpful business tool, to a necessary customer relationship platform. Whether your business is active on social media or not, customers will take to their own accounts and talk about their experiences with your business. This makes it crucial that businesses maintain an active voice and take control of the conversation, turning customer’s comments into powerful testimonials of your customer relations practices.
Your customers are online, are you choosing to meet them? You can use social media to help build stronger relationships with you and your customers.
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