The Right Way to Redefine Your Contact Center Quality

The main purpose of quality monitoring is to assure that your contact center team members are providing excellent customer experience to your customer base. It is easy for a contact center to earn a negative reputation, but monitoring contact center performance can ensure a positive experience for all users. Practicing regular contact center quality assurance methods can help ensure a positive outcome.

Exemplary customer experience is not impossible with the addition of contact center quality monitoring. However, not all monitoring programs are created equally. You have to take proper steps to ensure your contact center is being run and monitored effectively. The right quality monitoring not only reduces the chance of unhappy customers, but also helps protect your company from lawsuits and off-base complaints.

Set Identifiable Goals for Contact center Quality Monitoring

Before you embark on a new quality assurance system, you need to think about what you want to gain from the monitoring system. Creating identifiable goals for your new or revised quality monitoring system is the best way to ensure you achieve positive results.

Start by evaluating your current contact center and pinpointing areas that could use work. Consider what standard you aim to complete. You also may want to implement a customer feedback survey that allows clients to offer feedback to identify what works in your present system and what doesn’t.

Many times benchmarking is a part of outsourced Quality Monitoring software packages, sometimes it is not. Either way, you need to step back and assess how your contact center measures against other contact centers of a similar scope. Look at the key performance indicators for businesses of your size and their activity levels to identify where you may be lagging behind and where you are excelling. The aim of contact center quality monitoring should be to continue to strengthen your high performing areas while boosting low performing areas.

Sometimes benchmarking and applying discoveries to further the development of a contact center can be tricky, which is why many contact centers prefer to outsource their contact center quality monitoring that can objectively deliver input and results.

Tips to Increase Effectiveness of Contact Center Quality Monitoring

Now that you have identifiable goals, it’s time to look at the technical side of quality monitoring to make your efforts worthwhile. The core base of effective quality monitoring lies in the software you choose to utilize. The wrong software can make quality monitoring a headache with poor actionable results. The right software can create solid results.

What to Look for in High Quality Contact Center Quality Monitoring Software?

  • Features – The size of your contact center may impact the needs of your contact center monitoring service. A large business with thousands of daily calls cannot reasonably expect to monitor them all. In this case choosing software that is able to analyze meta-data and speech analytics may be the best way to produce tangible results. The aim of your contact center monitoring software should be to produce actionable results. Any features that support this aim are worth further investigation.
  • Scalability – Contact centers tend to experience a large amount of team member turnover. Many also experience seasonal activity depending on the product or service they support. If you anticipate either of these situations then you need to choose a software that is able to scale with your company appropriately.
  • Costs – It is important to consider the cost of training integration and installation when choosing a contact center quality monitoring system. After the upfront user costs, these are the costs that can quickly add up.
  • User-Friendliness – Ideally your software should be intuitive. It should not require a large amount of training in order for your team members to be able to utilize it during their daily conversations. This is even more important if you experience large amounts of team member turnover since you will be constantly training new team members on how to utilize the contact center quality monitoring software.
  • Security – Many contact centers handle sensitive customer information to identify account holders. That means quality monitoring software must be held to a high security standard. Always research the security qualifications of software for contact center monitoring before adopting it.

Etech’s efficient proprietary quality monitoring software, QEval, has been offering these advantages and driving remarkable customer experiences for years now.

Implement a New Quality Monitoring Solution at Your Workplace

Now that you know the important tasks to undertake before implementing a quality monitoring system it is time to act. Choosing a company with a proven record and high customer experience rating is the start of a promising new partnership. Etech provides innovative and actionable contact center quality monitoring software to many clients. Contact us today to find out if our quality monitoring solutions are a match for your company.

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