4 Key Roles of Exceptional Call Center Quality Analysts

Quality Monitoring in Call Centers

Now that the market has become saturated in almost every industry, call center managers have to look inward to help create a positive reputation for their product or service. One excellent way to do this is by providing excellent customer service. Access to responsive call center staff is one main reason that companies can retain their customer base.

As the business world continues to recognize the need for quality monitoring of their call centers, many call center quality assurance companies are popping up offering their services. The trick for business-savvy companies is identifying the right call center quality monitoring solution for your company. It is not enough to just institute call quality monitoring, you need to ensure that the company you choose is reputable and skilled at using dynamic algorithms to analyze and identify customer service issues within your call center.

To figure out which call quality monitoring company is right for you, take a look at the key roles of call center analysts, and then take a look at any quality assurance company on your shortlist. They should be able to provide evidence-based data that proves their staff can assume these roles and responsibilities without a second thought.

Monitoring Calls

It should go without saying that one of the top rolls of a quality assurance company is monitoring call center performance. Most call centers handle hundreds or even thousands of calls per day. A quality analyst aims to measure the performance of your call service representatives and ensure they are appropriately aiding your customers based on your overall strategic business objectives. Most quality monitoring agents will extract data by listening to calls either live, recorded, side-by-side an employee or via a mixture of all three methods.

They will combine the data they create to identify key behaviors that are working positively to improve customer experience and drive sales as well as behaviors that may be detracting from sales and creating negative customer experiences. If they detect negative behaviors, they will look further to help provide solutions to a call center owner that will help bridge the gap or improve employee training and/or scheduling.

Monitor External and Internal Trends

A qualified quality monitoring company will always be looking at comparative firms within the call center industry to see how your call center compares to others of a similar scale. They look at the call center trends and then use that acquired data to help create business solutions that can help your business stay on top of the market. There are always ways for a call center to improve, and taking advantage of competitors’ strengths can be one way to acknowledge weaknesses and stimulate growth.

At the same time, a trained call quality monitoring agent will also be carefully monitoring trends that occur internally within a call center. The goal is to determine if identified trends are improving agent performance metrics or stalling organizational growth.

Skillfully and Objectively Assess Agent Performance

It can be difficult for a call center manager to properly objectively assess the performance of his or her employees because of unconscious bias or close relationships. Even the most objective manager will likely feel protective of the crew he or she trained. This is where outsourcing call center quality monitoring can be highly beneficial.

An objective call center quality analyst can carefully focus on the way agents perform within your call center. They will look for proper enthusiasm, respect, and knowledgeable responses from call center employees. The analyst will also be looking at how effectively employees can close a sale or solve a problem within an allotted timeframe. A quality analyst will look for gaps in call center employees’ knowledge or response and then counsel and coach as needed to help reduce time wastage and increase customer experience.

Technically Savvy

While all of the above-mentioned strategies require a discerning eye to identify behaviors from the call center, highly effective call quality monitoring agents must also be extremely technically savvy. Call center technology is evolving on a daily basis and many new innovative solutions are being created by the minute.

It is up to your call center quality monitoring company to identify which may be helpful within the frame of your business and to then integrate these solutions and tools. Quality analysts rely extensively on statistical methods and tech-savvy monitoring software to aggregate data and identify trends. You want a company that can stay on top of the curve.

If your business is looking for tech-savvy, active quality monitoring agents that understand the current demands of a low or high volume call center, Etech is proud to provide a customized solution. Etech is a leading provider of technology solutions and specializes in call center quality monitoring. Contact Etech today to find your customized business solution.

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