Delivering Customer Experience That Matters

The growth of customer bases and competition created a need that ensured customer satisfaction and that their questions were being answered appropriately. This led to the creation of customer service channels through various mediums and it became the talk of the town. Customer service required immense efforts and personal interactions between company representatives and consumers. Creating relationships and spending time with customers, ideally in person or perhaps on the phone, were the chief cornerstones to success. The politeness of personnel may well have been the single greatest benchmark used to measure that success.

With Artificial Intelligence being used worldwide in almost all aspects of life, it is changing the way of businesses for contact centers as well. The effects are already being felt; however there is still no substitute for human touch.

This new e-book opens you to:

  1. Introduction
  2. Customer Service — How it all began?
  3. Customer Experience — What Is It?
  4. The Evolution of Customer Experience
  5. Customer Service Versus Customer Experience
  6. An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  7. Important Trends in Artificial Intelligence
  8. Five Customer Experience Benefits of Artificial Intelligence
  9. The Customer Experience-Customer Loyalty Connection
  10. How to Improve Customer Experience
  11. Using Artificial intelligence to Hear Your Customers
  12. Leveraging AI to Make Essential Business Decisions
  13. Artificial Intelligence Powered with Human Touch
  14. AI + HI = Enhanced CX
  15. A Case Study in Artificial Intelligence + Human Intelligence
  16. Why Technology – and Your Business – Need People
  17. Revolutionize Agent Performance & Build Your Brand
  18. Growth Fueled by Technology, Focused on People
  19. Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence + Human Intelligence