How To Develop An Accountable Team?

The first step to ensure consistent improvement in performance is, after every conversation, write down what was said. You don’t have to report every issue to HR Department, but it helps to send an email to yourself and the team members to outline the problem that was addressed, the solutions you both agreed to, and the expectations for future behavior. ( I also highly recommend do not use Email as your only communication channel) You have another option; it’s called a phone – pick it up! – more and more people use Email as “they have proof” it was not their fault, and here is the Email where I sent the message.

This helps clarify expectations for all parties and provides you a paper trail should additional action be necessary. (reminders, etc.)

Next, you must follow up with the team members to check whether they are performing per the setting expectations session you should have had. It can be simply picking up the phone, stopping by if you’re in the office, and asking them whether they’re facing any challenges or not. Then, follow up again with a specific time (use Outlook to remind you) in a week or so and ask how things are going. Or, ask the team member to follow up with you after a set amount of time. (*warning – if you do not follow up on your follow, you are at fault. Inspect what you expect and only accept what you inspect).

You may need to help them make adjustments to reach their goals. Best of all, praise them for doing things right. Nothing encourages great work, like focusing on the positive. But this does not mean you give false praise and do not hold them accountable for repeated failures.

I hope these tips on being accountable will help you grow in your role, enhance your team’s performance, and developing a highly productive, efficient, and the most important ACCOUNTABLE team.

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